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Annotated Bibliography

Our Annotated Bibliography writing service is a great example of how we can help you with your writing assignments. We provide an annotated bibliography essay that includes information about the research methodology used and citations and quotes from each source listed in the bibliography.

Film Analysis

Our Film Analysis writing service shows what we can do when analyzing movies, TV shows, and other forms of media. We explain how they are relevant to current events and culture and give our opinions on why we think they are important.

Essay Research

Our Essay Research writing service outlines how we conduct research for essay assignments. It explains what steps we take when looking for sources related to a topic or question the client asks (in this case, it’s about how most people feel about a certain movie).

Research Proposal

We also offer a proposal research service for students who need help writing a proposal for their next class. Our writers will review your topic and provide a summary of the research required for your project—also, any gaps in current knowledge on the subject matter should be addressed.